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6 Questions To Ask When Hiring Shopify Developer

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that facilitates creating stunning storefronts. The platform makes it possible for brick-and-mortar merchants can make a simple jump to eCommerce and tap into the plethora of business openings. Hiring an expert Shopify developer can help you make a perfect online store that reflects your brand with a clean user interface, faster load time, and the best experience for the clients.

In case you are looking to hire a Shopify developer, you may get confused about choosing the right bone from a huge pool of candidates. It can be daunting, specifically when you don’t know how to protect them. Don’t worry! We have created a list of ten Shopify interview questions that you must ask to check their capability with the platform.

1. How numerous times of experience do you have in eCommerce Development Systems?

This might sound introductory to you, but let me tell you that your following conversations will calculate this answer. Imagine a newbie handling your design conditions project where you have further than 2000 products for your store.

Optimizing an eCommerce store is as grueling as erecting one. The reason is, that there are going to be hundreds of filmland, payment gateways, checkout options, SEO-optimized designs, and a million other effects. Make sure you make an eCommerce that can repel time and trends. And only an educated Shopify inventor would help you pull off that vision.

2. What are the recent eCommerce projects you have worked on?

This will be a follow-up question if the answer to the below question is satisfactory.

Their recent systems would reflect their understanding of ultramodern designs, mortal-friendly navigation, and enforcing glitch-evidence checkout processes.

Their portfolio would also help you come up with specialized questions you would want answers for. Say, how would you insure that an eCommerce gate with 2000 products loads briskly? You can ask questions that apply to your online store, which would decide whether he or she is the stylish best guy for your eCommerce design.

3. Would you be suitable to make an SEO-friendly eCommerce store?

Erecting a great online shopping gate isn’t the only idea. I mean, what is the point of building a website that can’t be set up by your target best audience? The hunt queries fired must land on your shop. So,it’s important to know how your Shopify inventor makes the store searchable.

You might have spared a redundant budget for marketing and advertising, but you’d want your store to enjoy organic too,

4. Can you perform data migration and integration?

You may need to transfer pivotal data of your being eCommerce website into a new one. And as you know that two of the vital and strategic functions of any eCommerce platform and including Shopify are data integration and migration. So, I accept an expert must carry it out.

5. What are the Project Management and Communication Tools you apply?

So consider you have hired a platoon of Shopify Developers for your design. Now that you’re leading this platoon as if you enjoy it, you’ll be needed to take follow-ups for the tasks delegated. It means you have to decide on the preferred mode of communication with your Shopify Developers.

With so many Project Management and Communication tools available in the request, your inventors might use Proofhub and Slack. Ask them outspoken upfront whether they are open to conforming to the tools of your choice.

Because your developers and feedback are going to shape your final product, you’d want to have a transparent communication channel.

6. Would it be suitable to optimize the store for mobile druggies?

Do you know, that by 2021, deals through mobile eCommerce are anticipated to regard account for 54% of total eCommerce sales?

M-Commerce or Mobile Commerce is picking up the current. Consumer actions are changing not only in terms of buying but also in terms of preferring their smart devices. Smartphones and tablets are going to drive the future of online shopping as they’re believed to be an implicit and favored channel to do online shopping.

A study by Business Insider predicts that “M-commerce volume to rise at a 25.5 % emulsion periodic growth rate (CAGR) from 2019 to hit $488.0 billion, or 44% of e-commerce, in 2024.”

So, it’s better to play safe and emphasize erecting your e-store, which is mobile-friendly too.


Down the line, our businesses, especially the slipup-and-mortar businesses, have started consuming the concept of developing online stores to expand and grow their business.

So, after interviewing with this set of questions, you can make sure that you get to know more and take better opinions before hiring Shopify Experts.


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