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Skills Required To Become a Good ReactJS Developer

React is the most popular JavaScript library for developing app front-ends. This well-equipped framework can be used to run website front-ends in the browser while also allowing developers to create truly responsive web apps. On top of that, React provides custom HTML code that can be reused across apps.

Naturally, React developers are in high demand for a wide range of web app projects. However, in order to get the best job as a React developer, they must have a strong command of the following skills. You must be aware of these skills if you want to become good ReactJS developer


React JS is a type of front-end development framework. If that’s the case, what good is a developer who doesn’t understand HTML and CSS? The app interface is one of the fascinating features that attract users and entices them to interact with the app. Regardless of the type of business or application you are about to build, every ReactJS developer must be well-versed in HTML and CSS. And when we say extensive knowledge, we mean knowledge that goes beyond the basics.

Every front-end developer understands HTML and CSS, as well as how to work with user interfaces and create amazing web applications for enterprise-level organizations. A developer’s ability to work with CSS selectors or semantic HTML tags, for example, is one of the must-haves. The readability of the border box and flexbox is a plus.

2. JSX

Similar to HTML, JSX is an extension of the ReactJS environment and a fascinating component of React. When working with React JS, a developer is unlikely to delve deeply into HTML. Instead, much of the interaction is done through JSX, ReactJS’s syntax extension.

In technical terms, JSX is the abstraction layer for React.createElement() API. What makes JSX an important part of development is that it allows developers to create applications using the above API, which would otherwise be a difficult task. It’s a layer of abstraction on top of React.

3. JavaScript Foundations

Javascript is an essential component of React, and if you don’t know Javascript, you don’t understand React. That’s all there is to it. Along with JavaScript, you should be familiar with and skilled with ES6. As a result, choose a developer who is fluent in both JavaScript Fundamentals and Es6 and can make the most of the framework. Not only do the JavaScript principles qualify as a competent resource for react development. The incorporation of eS6 allows a developer to work on web applications.

4. Git

Every developer should be familiar with the Git toolkit. It allows them to add or update projects on various coding forums such as GitHub, Gitlab, and BitBucket. Some of the most common tasks include merging strategies and handling conflicts, using push and pull to interrogate changes, and so on. It is essential that the developer understand how to use these platforms, which includes keeping track of changes with a comment. Strategies for merging and branching Managing merge disagreements.

5. Redux

Skill If you’re wondering who manages the library function, the answer is redux, which manages the state library function. The majority of developers have been learning to manage asynchronous state updates with Redux. As a result, Redux was created to assist you in managing React’s scalability.

Redux is a state management library that can do much more than just manage React. It is not a framework, but rather a point of view on how to deal with data. The concepts of Redux are similar to functional programming and immutability. Redux does not use a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s critical to understand fundamentals of React programming before diving into Redux.

6. Node.js and the NPM package

Are you wondering why you should learn NodeJS, given that it is a server-side technology? NodeJS is versatile enough to meet the needs of front-end or client-side development. The NodeJS and NPM package can be easily extended to include the React library. This is why understanding the NodeJS and NPM packages is critical. It is even more so because NodeJS, ReactJS, ExpressJS, and the MongoDB database combine to form one of the most popular technology stacks known as MERN.

The Last Word

Hiring a developer can be a stressful experience, but once you know what you’re looking for, things become much easier. So, the next time you hire a React developer, make sure you take into account all of the ReactJS developer skillset listed above. We always place a special emphasis on front-end developer essential skills at Bacancy Technology because these are the must-have skills of a ReactJS developer.

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